Kilim rugs have already existed for a very long time, specifically since the middle ages. Antique and old? Definitely, but it is still one of the trendiest and most in-demand rugs today.

When going through bazaars and flea markets abroad especially in the Western parts of the world, you will see dealers selling a variety of kilim rugs. These trendy rugs come in different colors, sizes, and designs.

If you want to use these exquisite fabrics to your advantage, here are some tips on how to effectively use kilim rugs for your home:

First things first

Vintage kilim rugs, unlike other rugs, aren’t just for decoration. The designs or motifs of kilim rugs, in contrast to the modern rugs, hold special meanings some religious and some about protection. The weaves of kilim rugs contain anecdotes or symbols of protection and hope. Creating and weaving symbols on a kilim rug are the weaver’s medium of expression.

Because of this, you need to show off the intricate patterns on the kilim rug. That’s why it’s a good idea to not place any bulky seating furniture over it.

Treat imperfections

Some kilim rugs may naturally have frayed or uneven edges. Try to place the rug on a neutral colored rug (say, sisal or bamboo) to protect the kilim rug from underneath. This layering will also make your kilim rug stand out more.

Combine small rugs

Try to mix and match small-sized kilim rugs. It may cost as much as a single large-sized kilim rug, but this combination may provide more flexibility and aesthetic pleasure.

Place them on neutral colors

These rugs can also add a splash of color to a bland room because of the eccentric design. Placing a kilim rug in a room with neutral paint will add a splash of color and a positive vibe.

Use it other than the floor

Kilim rugs aren’t always just for the floor, and it’s also perfect for upholstery. You can snag small kilim rugs and use them to give your chairs a more bohemian vibe and hippie look.


Kilim rugs don’t have a general look, and the motifs also make it more boho and chic. It is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, so don’t be afraid to limit your rug placement choices.

[Image from Hans Bernhard via Wikipedia Creative Commons]

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