Choosing a rug involves a lot of details. You need to pick out the right colors to match your room’s furniture and walls. You need to find the rug material that not only fits the feel of the room but also make you comfortable as your feet caress the rug’s fibers.

Another rug element that you need to look into is the shape. Rugs and carpets come in various shapes, but not all shapes may necessarily complement the style and appearance of your space.

Fret no more! Here’s a quick guide on rug shapes and some tips on why you should choose a particular shape.


Rectangle is the most common and the most flexible rug shape because it can fit in practically any type of room. Just measure the size of your space so that all you need to worry about is the rug size.


Squares are similar to rectangles, although they’re best used in grouping furniture together or setting up an area for conversations.


Round rugs are typically used in entrance pathways or under the dining table. You may also put a circular rug under some pieces of furniture that you want to group together. An alternative to a round rug is an octagonal rug (i.e. a rug with 8 sides), although this is somehow tricky to decorate and pair up inside a room.


Oval rugs may be used in the same manner as rectangular rugs, although these cannot be used as covers in room corners due to the curved shape of the rug’s edges.


Runners are elongated rectangular rugs usually found in hallways. You can place runners in a long pathway or staircase to function as an accent to the direction of foot traffic.


Semi-circles or half-moon rugs are typically used as doormats. This shape is not too commonly seen as a large piece in rug dealer shops and warehouses.

Of course, you can go crazy with rug shapes! Just be careful not to go overboard, because it might destroy the theme of the room.

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