Have you ever been to grandiose houses that still look immaculate as if they were finished yesterday? Given proper care and maintenance, any property can last a very long time.

The same thing holds true for the interior of a house. The floor in particular is one of the most mishandled parts of the house, and it requires plenty of maintenance, especially if you’re dealing with hardwood floors.

Despite the sensitive nature of wooden floors, you don’t have to spend too much time and effort maintaining them. In fact, by carefully choosing the materials that you place on your floor, you can preserve the pristine beauty of hardwood surfaces.

Here are some tips on how to make sure that your hardwood floors keep their brilliance as you put a rug over them:

1. Thinking about which rug is best for your hardwood floor? It could really just be any type of rug, but as long as you put the right kind of rug pad. All you need to do is place the rug pad directly on the floor, and then put the rug on top.

2. Avoid using rug pads that are made of rubber, plastic or foam. Instead, pick a high-quality vinyl rug pad.

3. If you prefer not to use rug pads, choose a rug with a natural backing.

4. Sunlight is also another factor that affects the discoloration of hardwood floors, so it’s advisable to have window blinds and covering to avoid “sun-fade”. However, if you have no choice but to have the floor exposed to sunlight, make sure that you move the rug around occasionally. That way, the natural fade caused by sunlight is evenly distributed through the hardwood surface.

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