Animal prints have a love-hate relationship with homeowners, young or old. For some, it is synonymous to glamour while others view it as tacky and painful to the eyes.

While some try their best to incorporate it into their homes as a splash of design or as a bold accent, others steer clear of the animal prints altogether, not sure whether they are making their home more stylish and welcoming or just turning it into the next location for a safari.

Still, if you are an avid fan of animal prints, here are some tips on how to style animal prints and faux furs into your home aesthetic.

Combine with other styles

Mix up animal prints by combining different species and colors that work well together. Start by finding similar specie patterns, like a leopard and zebra print combination, for example. These prints can exist cohesively in a neutral color, like brown, or you can experiment with a much more vibrant hue, such as maroon. Animal prints are neutral to begin with so you can go with any color with your chosen prints.

Be style-adventurous

You can span the prints into dining chairs, statement sofas, curtains, rugs and pillows. A little can go a long way with animal prints and it can be the added warmth you needed in your sitting room or it can be that bold pop that you were looking for just to tie your whole room together.

Play with fur

Faux fur, like animal prints, can do certain things to a room: it can make it look like a swanky, trendy abode or you may the run the risk of making it look like a hunter’s trophy room. By incorporating faux fur into rugs and throws, you add a little more texture and variation into the room that can be very easy on the eyes.

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