We at Outrageous Rugs have always been fascinated with exquisite ancient rugs that carry so much stories about their origins. More than the history and the royalty of these rugs, it’s the artistry and creativity that leads us to love these pieces of art.

Modern rugs have caught our fancy because although they don’t have a rich history behind them, their sheer beauty and style can bring the dullest room immediately back to life. Some of the best kinds of modern rugs in the market are those with geometric patterns. Rigid shapes in varying colors look interesting on rugs, and they can really put different angles (pun intended) to your room.

Here are some geometric patterns that you can look for in your next rug purchase, and their appeal to the room where you intend to place them:


Triangular or arrow-like shapes give direction and a sense of movement in the room, and chevron is easily one of the best variations of triangular patterns. Find one that alternates white and a bold color such as red.

Super-large shape

Imagine a huge diamond shape at the center of the rug. It kind of looks like a secondary rug layered on a bigger one, right? Large shapes mimic the look of layered rugs, which can instantly add another level of excitement into the room.

Aztec design

This kind of rug is a hybrid of geometric patterns and ancient history. Aztec-patterned rugs can create an elegant and rich style that ancient rugs can offer, but at the same time it brings a more modern vibe. Because of its busy pattern, Aztec design rugs are best placed in rooms with plain or dull colors such as white or gray.


Like bees in a trap, your visitors will be mesmerized by the alluring pattern of honeycomb on your rug. The hexagonal shapes evoke ultra-modern design that can bring life to an otherwise drab atmosphere.

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