The design community has been an important group for Outrageous Rugs. We often work hand in hand with them finding the perfect floor coverings for their projects.

We wanted to shine a spotlight on some of the best and most deserving designers that we’ve had the privilege of working with over the years.

First up is Robbie Harbert Maynard, principal designer of Robbie Interiors. She has over 25 years of experience and has earned a reputation as one of Southern California’s top interior designers specializing in both residential and commercial interiors.

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Robbie Harbert Maynard

Robbie has designed projects ranging from 10,000 square-foot Rancho Santa Fe estates to 1,200 square foot beach front condos. Robbie’s work has been featured nationally on HGTV’s Designer Challenge and published in Better Homes and Gardens magazine.  Additionally, she has received the prestigious “Home of the Year” Award for Interior Design from San Diego Magazine and has appeared on the cover of San Diego Home Garden/Lifestyles.

Outrageous Rugs: What part of interior design excites you the most?

Robbie Harbert Maynard: What excites me the most in Interior Design is when I see new products and new fabrics; the colors, textures and patterns. I like to go to the furniture markets when new products are launched. That gets me excited and motivated for the next project.

When I have a new project with a space that has a challenge, something odd or unusual that needs a solution, that really gets my creative juices flowing. It excites me to solve the design problem in a way no one has considered.

And I love discussing a project with clients and listening to their dreams and hopes for their home. Brainstorming with them gets me motivated to make their visions come true. I enjoy their happiness and satisfaction as their home comes together.

OR: What fun and successful projects have you been involved with?

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Del Mar condo renovation that Robbie did with a rug purchased from Outrageous Rugs

RHM: I worked on a condo remodel in Del Mar where I updated the space for a bachelor. It was an especially fun project to work on because he was so nice to work with and so appreciative. He loved my ideas and gave me freedom to complete the vision. It was a very successful project because he trusted me completely.

I am currently working on a new construction in Santa Luz. Being involved in a project from the beginning blueprint design phase and seeing it through to furnishings and accessories is especially fun. It is also the most successful way to work on a project. I can work with the client and the architect, verifying that the interior spaces will function and be what the client expects. Then, during construction I can coordinate all the selections of finish materials and fixtures so that there is a cohesive aesthetic. As the construction phase reaches completion, I am working with the client to select furnishings and accessories, well in advance of moving in. I’m very excited about seeing it all come together.

OR: What is the most important aspect to think about when decorating a space and why?

RHM: I think the most important aspect to think about when designing a space is the function of that space. Identifying the functionality and the needs of a room for a client and making design decisions that accommodate those needs successfully is most important, while also being aesthetically pleasing.

OR: What are your favorite rug designs and types?

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Tufenkian rug purchased at Outrageous Rugs that Robbie used in a Rancho Santa Fe project

RHM: My favorite rug designs and types are often made by Tufenkian. I love their transitional and modern rugs with muted color schemes, abstract patterns and ethnic flavor. Surya also has some great rugs.

OR: How do you choose the rugs for your projects?

RHM: When choosing a rug for a space, the first thing to think about is size and shape. I think people often make the mistake of selecting a rug that is too small. I like my rugs to delineate an area of a room, especially when furnishing a large great room space that has more than one furniture arrangement. The rug can help to ground a furniture grouping, making a large space have intimate cozy areas. So, the rug should flow underneath your sofas and chairs rather than float between them.

The rug can be a background or foundation for more exciting furniture pieces.  Or it can be a statement that pulls the whole room together. When the rug is going to make the statement, it is the first thing I select for a room.

OR: What are the current biggest trends in rugs at the moment?

 RHM: I think currently the biggest trends in rugs are earth friendly sustainable materials and dyes and being conscious of where our rugs are fabricated and how. In addition, currently Geometric Trellis and Chevron patterns are very trendy, they can work in a variety of interiors from traditional to modern, feminine to masculine.

About Robbie Harbert Maynard:

A professional member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) for 20 years, she has served on the Board of Directors of ASID’s San Diego Chapter as Vice President and Publicity Chairman. ASID membership is a hallmark of excellence in the design industry, with members meeting the highest standards in the design industry through education and extensive testing. She is also NCIDQ and CCIDC certified, and holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Design from San Diego State University

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