Rug lovers were treated to six days of exhibits and expositions about carpets during the International Conference on Oriental Carpets (ICOC) held on September 15-21, 2014. The show unveiled amazing tapestry art, as well as exhibits and lectures in Vienna and Budapest courtesy of carpet experts, manufacturers and dealers.

Visitors in the Vienna leg were treated to lectures about carpets found in major museums around the world, including the Natural History Museum, the MAK, and the Ethnographical Museum. An exhibition on traditional and tribal textiles was conducted at the Kuenstlerhaus, while special exhibits on Austrian and Armenian rugs were also unfurled. The Austrian Auction Company also held a main auction during the Vienna tour.

Meanwhile, the Budapest tour featured a visit to Esztergom, which hosted the carpet collection of the former archbishop. Participants also went to Budapest’s Museum of Applied Art for lectures and exhibitions.

International demand for this leg of ICOC was so strong that the number of participants already maxed out, prompting the organizers to close the registration ahead of schedule.

The ICOC holds its events around the world, with the main ICOC event held every three to four years. Past events include a June 2011 tour around Stockholm, St. Petersburg, and Copenhagen.

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