We at Outrageous Rugs carry a wide range of rugs and carpets from different parts of the world. We are proud of the luxurious and exquisite rug styles that we offer our clients, and we’re excited to increase our stock array so that we can offer more choices.

One kind that recently caught our fancy was the Oushak rug. This kind of rug is characterized by a specific design that hails from the city of Usak in Turkey. The city is located in Western Anatolia, which was famous in history as a center of rug making. Today, Oushak rugs bring a touch of history as well as elegance to the room that they are placed in. The city of Usak is still a bustling trade center for handmade carpets.

Design in most Oushak rugs contain a central figure — a medallion, a star, an animal, or anything that bears importance to the rug maker — surrounded by an intricate pattern of decorations. Some historians trace the emergence of medallion and star carpets to Oushak rug designs. Oushak rugs are made from fine wool and splashed with dyes of terracotta, cinnamon, gold, ivory, gray, blue and green.

Here are some of the Oushak rugs and carpets as published in Wikipedia:

oushak-carpet-4 Rugs San Diegooushak-carpet-1 Rugs San Diego

oushak-rug-2 Rugs San Diegooushak-rug-3 Rugs San Diego

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