We at Outrageous Rugs like to mix and match rugs inside the house, and we like to share our tips on improving your home styling techniques. There are many questions surrounding rug styling, that we sometimes troop to the Internet to find suggestions and inspiration.

We recently read a question about putting an area rug on a carpeted floor. Many people would think that it seems redundant to place a rug on a carpet, but others beg to differ. Jennifer Adams, a Philly.com resident writer, defined the difference between an area rug and a carpet. “Rugs set the tone and help anchor the furniture in a way that carpet just doesn’t. Carpet provides warmth; an area rug pulls together the design,” Adams said.

If budget is not an issue, buying rugs despite having a carpeted floor is a wise investment. A rug is essentially a statement piece that can add life to any room, especially if the carpet on your floor is a dull or plain color. Dimensions and placement of the rug should follow recommended industry standards. “As far as the size of a rug, think about how big your room is. You want a good-size border of other flooring between the rug and the walls, at least 2 or even 3 feet or more,” Adams added. It’s also a good idea to place two legs of the seating furniture on top of the area rug.

You may also experiment with the shape of the area rug that you plan to purchase, but it must conform to the shape of your room as well.

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