In choosing rugs, we have different preferences in terms of size, shape, color, design, material and durability. This might be a good time to consider one more factor into the list: stain resistance.

Most carpets are now designed to be stain-resistant, which means they have stain protectors on them already. Rug manufacturers refrain from using the term “stain-proof”, because there is no absolute guarantee that these carpets are 100% stain-resilient.

The question now is how can we guard our rugs from stains?

Hire Professionals

Most professional rug cleaners provide services for stain-proofing. If you bought a rug that isn’t stain-resistant, they can do this for you, and it’s not even that expensive. All they need to do is apply a stain-resistant formula onto your rugs.

However, the warranty is quite short. You have to have it done again after some time.

Stain Resistant Treatments

There are several brands to choose from, Scotchguard being one of the popular choices. Most manufacturers have taken away perfluorooctanesulfonic acid (PFOS) in their fabric protectors, but they offer shorter protection.

Stain-resistant treatments are usually applied before any staining happens. However, you can also use it after you spill something on your rugs, together with spot-cleaning solutions. Most products are effective against spills and stains, so just choose the product that best suits your need.

Stain Resistant Technology

Modern technology has led to the development of a fiber called SmartStrand, which manufacturers incorporate in the production of rugs and carpets. This lends a built-in stain protection property to the rug. It repels the absorption of any liquid spilt on your rugs, making it easy to wipe away any stain or dirt. It is much better than its fiber counterparts.

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