People who frequently learn about rug cleaning and maintenance have probably encountered the term “rug beating“. This cleaning technique was implemented in past decades, and some rug owners continue to do this either as tradition or as the only cleaning method that they know.

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A typical rug beater

Beating a rug involves, well, exactly what the words describe. The rug is hanged on a clothesline outside the house, and is hit or beaten by a broom or a rug beater.

The primary purpose of rug beating is to remove dirt and grit embedded onto the rug fibers. When a rug is not cleaned of grit, the debris stays between the fibers and works its way into the base of the rug and even further into the flooring underneath. This is the reason why regular cleaning and grit removal is necessary for rugs.

Now we are left with the question, “is rug beating an effective way to clean a rug?” The answer lies in the development of cleaning technology, particularly in the rise of the vacuum cleaner. The suction action of the vacuum cleaner pulls out dirt and grit from the rug fibers. The existence of this kind of technology has already rendered the process of rug beating unnecessary. The recommended frequency of cleaning a rug using a vacuum cleaner is once or twice a week.

Some vacuum cleaners come with a beater brush, which replicates the cleaning technique of a rug beater. However, you should check if your rug can handle the brush. Some special rugs, specifically area rugs with fringes, may need a more delicate method of vacuum cleaning. It might be a good idea to check for online resources about the right cleaning technique for your rug. Better yet, you can ask a professional rug cleaning company about the proper cleaning technique.

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