One of the greatest misconceptions is that all rugs can cause allergic reactions, most notably asthma. This situation depends on the type of rug that you use in your home, as well as your habit of cleaning these luxurious fabrics.

In as much as rug and carpets provide a homey atmosphere to any room, choosing the wrong rug or disregarding rug maintenance could cause your next health problem. The rough nature of rug fabrics makes them susceptible to attract dust and small debris, which may be suspended in the air when disturbed. Aside from dust, other health issues that rugs may harbor include dust mites and animal fur. In addition, some rugs emit volatile chemicals that may trigger respiratory discomfort or headache.

If you want to use rugs inside your home without the risk of degrading your health, here are tips to keep your rugs allergen-free and healthy:


If you have the option, opt for small and low-pile rugs.


Allow fresh air to vent off any volatile compounds emitted by the rug.


Use rugs made from natural fibers or those with the Green Label recognized by the Carpet and Rug Institute.


Clean, clean, and clean. Allergens may be taken out of the rug by regular thorough cleaning. You may also want to send your rugs to professional carpet cleaners to avoid fabric damage.

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