You’ve probably heard of many exotic-sounding rugs and carpets, but have absolutely no idea what they are and how special these fabrics are. Let us get to know five rug names that you need to include in your considerations for your next rug purchase:


These hand spun, hand dyed, and hand knotted rugs came from the mind and genius of James Tufenkian, a visionary entrepreneur from Armenia who started his rug business in his hometown after the end of Soviet Union. Tufenkian rugs may look like any other luxury rug in retail shops, but they are priced higher due to their durability over time.


These rugs come from Greece and are crafted from pure wool. An undyed Flokati rug if off-white, just like natural sheep’s covering. Expect this kind of rug to be ultra-comfy with its shaggy and incredibly soft texture.


One look at this type of rug, and you’ll know that it’s Boucherouite. Its wild splashes of color comes from the handiwork of North African natives who weave scraps of wooll and fabric together.


Nope, this is not a command to have someone murdered; it’s actually a type of rug. Kilim rugs are known for their flat weaving, natural earthy colors and repetitive geometric patterns. Most Kilim rugs are sourced out from Turkey and Pakistan.

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