Flat woven rugs have become a staple in home decorating. Its popularity has increased over the years and has evolved into many different styles. Novice home decorators may not be aware that flat woven rugs come in different styles and can be maximized in many different ways.

Here are some of the most exquisite flat-woven rugs in the market:


Kilim rugs are patterned and brightly colored. It is believed to have dated back even earlier than 7000 B.C. These rugs usually consist of tribal symbols that have different meanings. Nowadays, kilims have taken a more modern feel by incorporating geometric patterns.


Dhurries are much like kilims but are made cotton as opposed to wool. Because of the weaving method used, dhurries are traditionally stripe-patterned or solid in color. This type of rug makes home decorating easier, especially if you were to go for a more casual setting.


Soumaks are thicker and more durable. They consist of highly detailed motifs and feature intricate patterns. Its common themes of design are usually tribal, medallions or repetitive patterns.

Soumaks are also reversible – one side could have a hand-knotted design and the other side could have a herringbone pattern.

How To Use Flat-Woven Rugs

Now that you’re acquainted with the different types of flat woven rugs, here are some effective ways to maximize the beauty and usefulness of flat woven rugs.

Follow a layering style

Layering rugs has become a regular in home styling. Try having a neutral, solid rug as a base and then layer it with a flat woven rug with an intense pattern to create a striking contrast.

Another way of layering rugs is creating a pattern collage utilizing multiple flat woven rugs. It brings about a textural dimension into the area and can contrast with the furniture in a striking way. Try using like-patterned rugs to bring life and color into a room while adding a sense of panache.

Know where to put the rug

Choosing the right place to put your flat woven rug can make a big difference in your home. Try adding a flat woven rug to the kitchen, bathroom or even your foyer. It adds a whole new textural element that brings a whole new atmosphere for the room. Flat woven rugs need not be restricted to the living room or bedroom anymore.


The contrasting colors and striking patterns of flat-woven rugs bring a sense of life into the room as well as making it dynamic, eclectic and easy on the eyes.

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