Our Pet Photo Contest was a huge success!

We received lots of canine and feline photos featuring fun frolicking, plus we got a turtle pic (and it even looked like she was smiling).

Let’s meet our winners and see what they have to say about their pets and rugs.

1st Place: Cheryl ChaneyCheryl-Chaney-New-Jersey-4-300x200 Rugs San Diego

Cheryl’s cat’s name is Merlin and she’s had Merlin since he was just three weeks old. A special needs cat, Merlin needs extra traction for walking and  this purple shag rug provides him with the extra traction he needs to walk easier.

At the time she purchased it, the rug didn’t have any special significance to Cheryl, but now that Merlin is growing up, Cheryl can’t see herself parting with his “baby rug” and he wouldn’t want her to part with it, either.

“I thought while picking it out, ‘what better rug to get a baby kitten, than a nice fluffy shag rug’,” Cheryl says. “The moment I rolled it out for him, he went nuts! I took the photograph by getting on his level while he was playing on it.”

2nd Place: Tina Demarco Tina-Demarco-Florida-4-300x182 Rugs San Diego

Tina photographed her cat Luna, who she adopted in September of 2014, while her kitty was cat napping.

“I took the pic after my little kitty tuckered herself out playing with her fave fishy toy!” Tina says.

Purchased by her husband and christened with multiple drink spills by her children, Tina says this particular rug isn’t smelling so well these days. It’s a good thing she can now replace it with her $100 in store credit from Outrageous Rugs!

Joe-Villan-Virginia-300x198 Rugs San Diego3rd Place: Joenalyn Villan

The names of Joenalyn’s cats are Bella and Shadow and they’re sleeping on a flat weave rug that was a wedding gift from her brother.

“That pose was so funny,” Joenalyn says. “I just saw them sleeping like a perfect couple and took a pic.”


Ricky-Brown-300x148 Rugs San Diego4th Place: Ricky Brown

Although this photo looks posed, Ricky actually just happened to walk by while his two animals were lounging on these rugs, which were baby shower gifts for he and wife Rachelle’s baby girl Makayla.

“Simply walked by and saw both of them sitting on the rugs as if it were meant for them,” Ricky says. “Had to hurry and get the camera.”

What really made the photo special is that the cat’s name is Tigger, the same as the cartoon character he’s sitting on. The dog’s name is Daisy Roo and she’s sitting on a Winnie the Pooh and Piglet rug.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to everyone who sent in a photo of your pet. We loved receiving them all and reading your fantastic comments.

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