Color gives life to any room. Imagine entering a house with everything in white or grey. Doesn’t it look sad and depressing? A monotone color is not a good option for any home.

Playing around with colors can either make a very boring room into a lively one, or yield disastrous results in terms of aesthetics. If you are planning to put some color into your new home, here are some tips on how to mix and match colors in your room:

Pick a central color motif or theme

You have the option to either use one color palette for the entire house, or be adventurous and use a different color for each room. Either way, plan out what color you want your house or room to breathe in. From there, you can buy furniture in the color that you have chosen.

Use a colored centerpiece

In any room, there has to be a particular item or section that pulls in the attention of the visitor. It may be a vibant orange lamp or a multi-colored rug. Whatever it is, make sure that the centerpiece (or only a few pieces) will catch attention.

Don’t go overboard

Rainbow colors are good for playrooms and kid’s rooms, but never in the other rooms inside the house. Avoid buying things of varying colors and placing them in one room, because it creates a chaotic and non-relaxing atmosphere. Try to stick to a single color palette.

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