Last week, we featured five quick tips to jack up your Christmas season this year. We figured sharing more styling tips wouldn’t hurt, would it?

If you’re looking for more ideas to change up your home’s style during Christmas, check out these holiday decorating tips to make this Christmas special:

Use the color white

If you don’t fancy green and red, why not try the color white? It will remind you and your visitors of pristine white snow, and it’s easy to adorn with home accessories.

Personalize your Christmas tree

Who says you can’t put your identity on the holiday tree? You can go crazy and decorate your Christmas tree with personal items — childhood pictures, old trinkets that remind you of your past, and even your children’s hand-drawn artwork.

Use the Christmas tree as the central — or the only — piece of the holidays

Simplicity is beauty, and putting the tree at the center of the room can easily uplift the holiday style of your home. You can even choose not to decorate any other part of your house except the tree.

Put up a “Countdown To Christmas” board

A great way to drum up anticipation for Christmas Day is to make a calendar or board to count down the days to the big holiday. You can hang paper tags with the days labeled on them, and attached to a small Christmas ornament.

Make your own snow globe

Snow globes are fancy and all, but you can make your own. It may not be made of liquid, so you can create an open-type snow globe such as a fish bowl. Use styro snow or white granules as snow, and put small figurines inside the bowl.

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