A few weeks ago, we shared with you some tips on how to choose the perfect rug size for your living room. The tips mentioned in that article proved to be so helpful, that we decided to tell you more useful pointers on how to select the right rug size.

Check out this video from Lamps Plus:

Here are the three tips from the video:

– An area rug should cover a large portion of your flooring, but leave 8-16 inches on all sides of the rug to show your beautiful floor (especially if it’s hardwood flooring).

– Your seating furniture should have at least its front legs on top of the rug. Most living rooms in average U.S. homes will need a 5×8 rug, but you may opt for a larger 8×10 rug to accommodate more furniture pieces on the rug.

– Create an illusion of a large room space by choosing a rug size on which you can put all of the furniture and seating on top. This pulls all of the room elements together as a singular piece, giving the impression that you have the rest of the space available to roam around.


These tips are applicable not only in the living room, but also to other public spaces in your house. If you find this article helpful, please feel free to share this to your friends, and comment on the space below.

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