If you think that hand-woven products are luxurious and exquisite, you probably haven’t encountered natural rugs. Apart from being woven together by hand, fibers of natural rugs are sourced from plants such as banana and coconut. These all-natural sources produce elegant rugs that are not only rare but also very beautiful.

In addition, buying natural rugs will help the environment. The rug fibers come from either coconut husks, agave jute or banana tree fibers, which are considered waste products already. Instead of being thrown away along with the trash, these fibers can be converted into the natural rugs that adorn many homes in the the country.

Still skeptical about the beauty of natural rugs? Let’s hear from Outrageous Rugs owner Steve Blumkin about why you should own a natural rug:

Here is the excerpt of the video:

Steve Blumkin:

It’s really just gets down that people want to feel better about the environment, they want to do things that help produce less waste that are not using petroleum products.

Phoebe Chongchua:

I’m Phoebe Chongchua, you’re watching Live Fit Magazine. The green movement continues to sprout as home owners bring outside elements in for creative home décor.


It’s made out of coconut husk so next time you cracked that coconut, you look at those fibers you you’ll know what makes this product, it is extremely durable. This is a jute hand-woven rug from natural fibers from the agave plant family. This is another beautiful flat-weave but woven was sisal which is a little more refined from the agave plant family. This is abaca and this comes from the banana plant so if you see those fibers when a banana tree is cut down they spin that into making abaca and then creating hand-woven rugs.


Why go natural?


People want to live with natural products, natural cotton, natural wool, and these products here the jutes, the sea grass, the coir, they are cool in the summer, they are warm in the winter.


How’s the price?


You get a lot more rug, a lot more style for less money that when you typically compare jute hand-woven products to hand-made wool products or hand-knotted they are considerably less, so not only are they a natural product but they are fantastic value.


What about color?


You can either get it with color or all natural. The natural, natural fiber that is either woven or tufted or hand-knotted and it comes exactly how it comes out of either the water or out of the plant or out of the coconut or you take that fiber and say, “What are we going to do with it?” I mean if you look at this rug back here it is magnificent, it’s jute, it’s hand-spun, it’s hand-dyed and it’s colored with color-fast, wash-fast, light-fast dyes.

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