It’s every homeowner’s nightmare. You find a great piece of rug at a dealer’s shop, and your enthusiasm prompts you to buy one for your home. It’s only after buying the new rug and arriving at your house when you realize that you already have an existing Oriental rug — a large one at that — and you’re wondering how you would store your old, enormous rug or send it to the cleaners.

Rug storage and transport is a pain especially if you have a gigantic rug. Fortunately, the folks at Oriental Rug Pros have figured out a way to properly fold a big Oriental rug in the smallest possible size without damaging it. Check out their instructional video:

In summary, here are the steps to properly fold a big handmade rug or carpet:

  1. Turn the rug upside down so that the rug pattern faces the floor.
  2. Fold the rug lengthwise into thirds, so that the width of the folded rug is about a third of the original laid-out rug.
  3. Find the direction of the nap, because the next fold should be done against the nap.
  4. Fold one end of the rug crosswise until approximately the one-third mark (as opposed to folding it in half).
  5. Fold the thick end (i.e the folded edge) until it touches the rug end at the one-third mark.
  6. Go to the other end of the rug and fold it towards the end of the thick fold in step 5.
  7. Fold the thick end towards the thinner end. The resulting fold arrangement should be about one-sixth of the original rug length.
  8. Secure the folded rug by tying plastic ropes or strings around it.

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