Leather lends a sense of grandeur and formality to any room. Using a piece of leather furniture — may it be a chair or a full-sized sofa — can lift a dull room into an executive atmosphere.

However, the royal elegance of leather furniture makes it difficult to accessorize the room with other pieces. For one, leather pieces look bulky and dominating. Most leather furniture are also dark in color, which somehow steals the brightness and vibrance of the room. In other words, using leather with other incompatible stuff might make the room nonsensical or chaotic.

If you are planning to add a piece of rug to a room with leather as a centerpiece, here are great ways to pair your leather furniture with the right kind of rug:

Use a Moroccan rug

The richness of a leather surface is made more sultry when it is paired with a Moroccan rug. This kind of exquisite rug can complement the beauty of leather, especially if you use gray or any tame rug color.

Orange rugs work well with brown leather

It may be because they work under the same red color range, but a brown leather chair looks great when placed on top of an orange-colored rug. The combination is as classic as the color of a tiger’s fur amidst the brown woods.

Use a brightly colored rug and matching throw pillows

Putting colorful throw pillows on a leather sofa may not work well, but placing a similarly-patterned rug will give a sense of consistency in the look of the room.

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