Many rug owners and collectors perceive area rugs as boring and unexciting, what with its plain colors and limited placement in rooms. While some are discouraged by its limitations due to size, others are apprehensive to purchase area rugs because of the hefty price tag.

Still, the potential benefits of area rugs to beautify your room cannot be disregarded. Area rugs immediately capture people’s attention as they enter the room, but it may depend on how you use them.

If you want a piece of area rug that breathes life into your room, choose patterned area rugs. Here are some tips on maximizing the possibility of patterned area rugs to improve your living conditions:

1. Choose area rugs with quirky patterns, and make them a centerpiece of your room.

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2. If you two adjacent rooms, put an area rug on each of these rooms to provide separation.

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3. Adorn the room with furniture and accessories having the same color or pattern as the area rug.

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