One of the quintessential items that can tie the pieces of a room together is the rug. It can do so much as match your curtains or wall décor to make a room bigger, brighter, and cohesive.

However, if you feel as though the rug that you recently purchased seems to clash with your home aesthetic or it significantly empties out your wallet, here are some of the most common mistakes why you cannot find the perfect rug for your intended purpose.

Too much focus on the rug

Focusing on one piece alone can bring the whole aesthetic down in a heartbeat. Purchase your rug based on the pieces you already have to make sure they look good together. Your existing furniture coupled with the right rug can make your room fresh, new, and cohesive, even if you only added one element into the mix.

Out of budget

Make the most of your rug shopping time by looking at choices within your budget range. If you are just looking for a specific rug that looks exactly like what you saw in a magazine but its price could rival a full-sized car, you could lose motivation in your purchase and may just settle with the next rug you see. Take your time in shopping and consider other factors besides style.

Failure to know what you really want

The uncertainty of what kind of rug you want could also be a major problem. Ask yourself what the room needs in a rug, whether it be color, pattern, texture, or all three. These factors, small as they may be, can aid you in your rug purchase.


Buying a rug is basically making an investment. Rugs, either way, can be pricey and so you might be a little wary in making such a purchase. Taking your time in finding “the one” rug for your home is a commitment that can be satisfying when you take the aforementioned factors into account for your next rug purchase.

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