How has summer treated you? I hope you’ve enjoyed the hot season by going to the beach and taking time to travel. If you haven’t done so, well, there’s another summer next year!

As we wind down to the final stretch of the summer season, let us start preparing for fall. These next few months will give us a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature’s colors even from outside our window. It’s also the perfect time to lounge around the house and make changes in our home.

Home changes, you say? Roll out the rugs and have fun decorating your home for fall! Here are some tips that we dished out two years ago for fall trends, but may still be applicable this year:

Here’s the transcript of the video above:

Phoebe Chongchua: If you have hard board or tile floors chances are you’ll be rolling out one of these. Wide areas of bare floor can make a home feel cold and unwelcoming, rugs help define areas, muffle noise and create warmth. And you can do it at a cost effective price point.

Michael Napier: In a machine-made synthetic rugs 5 x 8 size start out at less than a hundred dollars. You can you know, move up size-wise and still be around $200. A hand-made wool rug is certainly going to be more expensive than a machine-made synthetic but I’d like to tell people you know, there’s nothing finer than a hand-made wool rug but there’s nothing wrong with a machine-made synthetic rug either. The hand-made wool rug will last for a lifetime and beyond, a machine-made synthetic rug probably not going to last quite that long but then to at something you know you don’t have a lot to invested in, you change it up once in a while.

Karin Widger: They had lots of different styles and colors and it wasn’t that difficult actually. I hope that that one will fit because I do like the colors. I think they will match the furniture very well.

Lorry Widger: I think mostly I like the personnel, were very helpful, offer us to take a couple of rugs home with us, gave us some design tips and were just very friendly and with no pressure.

Phoebe Chongchua: And they explain rug making so you can understand how a machine-made wool rug can offer quality at an affordable price.

Michael Napier: The rugs start out like a big piece of graph paper with a design on them. A handheld device inserts the proper colored wool into that design, it’s a backing is put on that rug and the thing is you get the benefit of wool without the overhead up hand knotting it, and then the next step up is hand-knotted rugs. Now look at the back of the hand-made rug and everyone of those little bump you see is a knots, somebody tied a knot, typically the more knots there are on a rug the more expensive it’s going to be.

Phoebe Chongchua: No matter which rug you select you’ll find that an area rug helps enhance the overall look of a room. I’m Phoebe Chongchua for Live Fit Magazine.

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  1. I love finding cool rugs. whenever I go on vacation I always try to find a handmade rug. I like the new trends that are coming out.

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