Properly storing rugs ensures that they will last longer. People commonly store their unused rugs in the basement, attic, or garage without even thinking twice. Doing so could lead to stains, mildews, and other forms of permanent damage. If you think you’re committing these rug storage mistakes, check out these tips on properly and effectively storing rugs.

Put unused rugs away from moisture and heat

Storing your rugs in the basement, attic, or garage is not advisable. The humidity in these areas can saturate the rug’s fibers making them the perfect spot for molds and mildews. Cotton and wool are prone to getting damaged as a result of moisture. The high level of humidity in these areas will also make them prone to damage.

The best place to store the rug is in a climate-controlled area of your house away from direct sources of heat or cold air. This could be in the closet or other safe and protected areas.

Roll and tuck under the bed

Another excellent way to store rugs is to roll them up and place them below the bed. This way, you would not have to worry about closet space. Roll it as tightly as you can and wrap some duct tape around it.

Clean it regularly even if in storage

It is also best to take out your rugs at least once every few months to clean it. Even if it’s stored in the closet or underneath the bed, dust will still accumulate.

Follow these tips and you should expect your rugs to last a little while longer.

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