Any traditional home may have many rooms with different purposes, and some of them may be a bit formal than others. Most dining rooms, for example, are decorated with regal centerpieces and wooden furniture. While these things can bring elegance to the room, it can also bring down the life and vibrance of the space.

Sometimes, it’s not practical to remove the whole array of furniture pieces with new and more colorful ones, especially if budget constraints are hindering you. You can always work with what you already have and just add items to spruce up the atmosphere. Here are some tips on how to bring life into formal rooms:


Use a colorful accessory to catch the attention of people in the room. A unique wall painting or a colorful pillow will do.


If you want to place a rug, don’t go overboard with color and design. Use a light-colored rug to somehow make contrasting themes between the neutral rug, the dark brown furniture, and a few colorful pieces.


Take a risk and put a visually unique furniture piece in the room. For instance, a dining room may be given life by changing the head dining chair into a differently colored one.

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