A beautiful piece of rug can light up the room and bring a splash of color to a neutral-toned wall and flooring.  We usually see rugs as ornaments for the living room and bedroom.

As expected, rugs usually give off a luxurious vibe especially when they complement the whole design and theme of a particular room. Having said this, have you ever thought of putting up an ornate rug in the kitchen?

The kitchen is a place of mess and spillages. It can be a daunting task to scrub the kitchen floor and wax it to retain its gleam.  As a workaround for this, some people use rugs to cover up the mess and protect their wooden flooring.

Are rugs in the kitchen a go or no? Here’s  a short comparison of some pros and cons in placing rugs in the kitchen.

Go for the Rug

– Rugs can be amazing décors to add texture and color in a space.

– You may find it comfortable to stand and walk around the kitchen if there’s a cozy rug under your feet.

– It is easier to clean the spillages on a rug rather than scrubbing the whole floor to make it shine.

No for the Rug

– When cooking, the kitchen can turn into a giant mess. This would mean that you have to clean your rug often in order to maintain its beauty.

– Some rugs are slippery and can be a hazard. A solution might be to make use of a rug pad.

– Rugs can be expensive because you need to look for the perfect size for your kitchen, and adding an anti-slip underlay may be too costly.

These are just some of advantages and disadvantages when using rugs in the kitchen. As a compromise between the two sides, it might be best to use a small rug under the kitchen table to add color and texture without making it a hazard.

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