When it comes to your home aesthetic, it is very important to take a lot of details into consideration. When it comes to rugs, choosing the right one determines the identity of your space. Consider your home décor as an investment with your domestic life resting upon it. What you choose to fill it with will determine its length of survival for the years to come.

Here are some of the best reasons why you should consider purchasing exquisite rugs:


Quality is everything when it comes to your dream home aesthetic. It may seem tempting to spend a safe $100 on your area rug, but it may not stand the test of time. Invest in rugs that will last a life time rather than a months’ time.

Some may argue that regardless of the cost of a rug, it will serve the same purpose through and through. However, that is where the similarities will end. A cheap rug will look and feel cheap, while a higher quality rug will serve as a foundation of style and elegance. As an added bonus, luxurious rugs have that comfortable, “sink-in-your-toes” feeling.

Touch of History

Although mass production is all the rage nowadays, try investing your rug money on artisans who still uphold the tradition of keeping the rugs handmade. Think of craftsmanship as the signature to a painting. Rug weavers have the tendency to use elaborate and specific designs that showcase their skills.


Take the fibers of your rug into consideration. Though wool is quite pricey it can withstand the roughness of the environment. Nylon is very resilient but it can run the risk of being an extremely absorbent rug. Polyester is less absorbent than nylon but not as durable. Silk comes close to wool, though it is not as sturdy, it is a coveted material.

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