Don’t you just hate it when you realize that a piece of furniture has left a mark or indentation on one of your most precious rugs? These indentations are usually caused by furniture and decors that have been placed on top of a rug for a long period of time, hence the semi-permanent mark left on the fabric.

Martha Stewart featured this tip on what she calls “carpet ghosts”, which if not treated may leave the rug scarred for life. Her simple yet effective tip to remove furniture indentations is to put an ice cube on the pressed mark, and to let the ice sit for a few seconds. Upon removing the ice, you should notice that the indentation is gone.

The science behind it is simple: Ice gradually melts, and the water is absorbed by the rug fibers. This causes the indented or pressed part to become moisturized, leading it to swell up in volume. As the water dries up, the fibers will stay up.

Here is the video of the tutorial, as explained by Martha Stewart.

Note: This video was originally posted in Martha Stewart’s official website.

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