If you have been collecting rugs for a long time, you probably have a lot of rugs in storage collecting dust right now. It’s such a shame to keep your elegant rugs just because they have been used time and time again.

However, as long as you have the right approach and a knack for creativity, you can reuse your rugs without anyone noticing it. The secret? Mix and match your rugs by layering them on top of the other. This idea might seem crazy for some, since a particular rug is supposed to be exquisite and beautiful by itself. Rug layering might be something unheard for you, but this scheme is actually advised by interior designers and rug experts to spruce up any room.

Excited to start stacking up your rugs? Take note of the following tips to help you get the right combination of rugs:

1. Put a more exciting rug on top of a plain looking carpet or rug.

Let’s face it. We might have some bland colored rugs in our house. Spice things up with another more edgy rug on top of the plain one. An example that I can think of is an unevenly cut cowhide rug atop a gray area rug.

2. Use rugs with contrasting colors and patterns

While one color is easy on the eyes, putting two distinctly colored rugs together make for an attention-grabbing area. Try putting a rainbow-colored rug on top of a brown rug, or a striped rug above an Aztec-inspired carpet. The possibilities are endless.

3. Mix and match different rug textures

Furry rugs on top of a simplistically designed Persian carpet? Why not? Putting two differing textures together can break the monotony of the place, and give an extra oomph to your room.

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