Interior decorating can be a challenge especially when there are so many options for floor covering. Homeowners often feel overwhelmed by the process. Afraid to make a wrong decision, they delay or rush through the selections only to discover later that they’re not completely satisfied.

OutrageousRugs-300x200 Rugs San DiegoWe talked with Katie Porter and Kim Vracar from KP Design Studio for some tips that can help homeowners get the rug they like from the get-go.

“I would take a look at the space that they are looking to buy an area rug for: the furniture, the accent pieces, and the size of the room,” says Vracar.


Porter says that if you can identify the colors that you like, you can then head into a showroom and search for those color schemes.

“If you’re the type of person who wears very light, bright, and airy clothes and colors you might want to bring that into your space and style,” says Porter.


Another important decision is to decide if you want a pattern and how large you want that pattern to be. Think about the size of the room, the other patterns and shapes in the area and the feel you want to create in the space.

“Well, pattern is really important because you want to look at the size of your space because if you have a very grand space but if you have more of an intimate setting, you might want to reduce that pattern and be more subtle,” says Porter.

Porter adds that while there might be some patterns that initially catch your eye, you should consider how that pattern will “wear on you over the long haul”.

“Something to watch out for when it comes to patterns are the trends, the stuff that may be too trendy and may go outdated in the next couple months. So you want to stick with more classics. To me, personally, I love subtle colors and cleaner lines,” says Porter.


Texture plays a big role in area rugs. “If you’re drawn to a rug that is a little bit more uncomfortable and not as soft, I wouldn’t necessarily put that in the family room where people tend to lie   down on the floor or get really comfortable when watching TV,” says Vracar.

If the rug isn’t soft and comfy, you don’t have to pass on it. Instead find the right room for it says Vracar, “For one of those rugs, I would either consider using it in the entryway…maybe in a more formal area like the living room or even outdoors, if it can be outside”.

Custom Rugs

Ultimately, if you’re having trouble finding the right area rug, don’t give up. Maybe custom is the best option.

“When people come to a showroom sometimes they don’t necessarily find what they’re looking for, so another option would be to do something custom. And when you want to do something custom, I would take into consideration the whole room, maybe even the whole house…especially the space that we’re looking for the area rug. And when you decide to do something custom, you can bring in all the fabrics that you’ve selected for your sofa, your pillows, occasional sitting,” says Vracar.

Custom options allow you to pick colors, fibers, size, shape, and patterns.

Come Prepared

Vracar recommends bringing in pictures of the area as well as fabric or swatches from the furniture in the room. Since you’re electing to do a custom rug, you can unite the whole home.

“It gives you a lot more options. It helps to make the whole space more cohesive,” she says.

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