Do you feel like your room looks smaller than you want it to be? Space limitation is a problem that many home owners face, especially if they stay in that particular room on a daily basis.

While one option is to remove the clutter and other unnecessary items in the room, some people cannot do away with the objects (furniture, desks, home furnishings, appliances, or gadgets). Here’s an option: why not put a rug on the floor to increase space?

For many, putting a rug in the room — may it be the living room, bedroom, or the office — makes the room cozier and more snug, and not make the space larger as it appears. Certain rugs can create the illusion of a wider interior room space, but you need to know these tips first in order to capture the goal:

1. Choose a rug with small repetitive patterns.

A repetitive rug design fools the human eye into thinking that the pattern is repeating endlessly. As a result, the room where you place a rug with repeating patterns will appear larger. Choose a pattern that is distinct and recognizable, and make sure that the design is repeating throughout the rug.

2. Choose light colored rugs.

Light colors can make any room wider, and so can rugs. Aside from painting your room walls in light colors, you can enhance the room space by putting a rug in light or bright colors: white, soft blue, cream, or pastel colors.

3. Avoid extra large rugs that cover the entire floor of the room.

Envisioning a hard smooth floor gives an illusion of a large space, so putting a huge rug in the middle of the room may defeat the purpose. Use the rug as a centerpiece of the room instead of a wall-to-wall cover. When people enter the room, their eyes should focus on the rug (or any centerpiece on it) and on nothing else. In relation to this, try to make the center area of the room floor vacant.

4. Use hard or smooth rugs.

Furry rugs have a tendency to absorb not only the airborne dust but also the illusion of space. It’s probably because of the cozy feeling that these rugs exude. Opt for hard rugs such as bamboo or wooden rugs, or short-fiber rugs in plain colors.

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