Rugs not only beautify your place – whether it’s your home or office – but it also has a lot of benefits. In the modern home, you will often see floors adorned with lush rugs and carpets. Using rugs has become identical with luxury and comfort.

Having said that, how do you choose a rug? It is important to understand the basics about rugs in order to identify those of good quality from inferior ones. How the rug was made will dictate the style that defines its usability and versatility.

What Is A Rug Pile?

It is essential to know about rug pile when you are trying to look for a rug for your home or office. Rug pile refers to the density and height of the fibers used in weaving the rug. Flat rugs generally have short pile, while long pile refers to shag rugs.

Here are some more things that you need to know about rug pile:

1. The pile height may be classified as low (below 1/4”), medium (1/4” to 1/2″), plush (1/2” to 3/4″), and those with custom pile heights.

2. In purchasing a rug, take note that thicker is not always better. There are lots of fine quality rugs that are thin or have a short pile height.

3. Shorter pile rugs are stronger and more long-lasting than longer piles.

4. Shorter pile rugs are easy to clean. Vacuuming short-pile rugs is easy, while shags or long pile rugs may get caught in conventional vacuum cleaners.

5. If you are after comfort, you should choose a shaggy pile because it is softer to the feel. However, take note that shag rugs and long-pile rugs are more susceptible to indentations left by shoes and furniture (i.e. legs of chairs and tables) placed on them.

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