Much like a fresh coat of paint, a new rug can give a room an entirely different look. And what’s even better, your rug can tell a story that’s specific to you – and not just one of the many people that have walked across it. If you’ve got the wanderlust, challenge yourself to get a rug from all the countries you’ve visited. You’ve heard of oriental rugs and, although those are gorgeous and intriguing, there are so many more options when it comes to rugs that speak of various cultures. While getting rugs from every country would likely be impossible to accomplish and to house, we can explore some of the more engaging options, and we do just that below. 

Rugs From Peru

Just like everything else you see in Peru, their rugs are often made of 100 percent wool and are filled with bright colors – typically candy-colored hues of orange and pink. One of these would be perfect in your home, whether it lands in your den or rumpus room. Every time you pass it, you’ll surely have fond memories of your hike up Macchu Picchu (or at least the view from the bottom!).

Rugs from North Africa (Morocco and Tunisia)

Antique rugs from Africa often have a story behind them, as both men and women have been hand weaving and dying the thread for these for years. Moroccan and Tunisian rugs, in particular, are highly sought after by locals and tourists alike. You might even consider going with a Moroccan wedding blanket for a real conversation piece. Worn by Moroccan brides on their wedding day for many years, these sparkly creations are now used as blankets and rugs.

Rugs from Turkey

Vintage Tulu rugs are shag rugs that come in a variety of eye-catching colors, making them the perfect pop of color for a room that perhaps lacks a bit of luster.

Rugs from Colombia

Looking for rugs that come with a story…other than your own, of course? Much like Oriental rugs, these rugs often feature scenes that consist of both fact and fiction from life in Colombia. The rich cultural value and gorgeous aesthetics of these rugs will make you surprised to hear that Colombia has only recently become known for rug making. While the scenes resonate most with the locals, you will surely enjoy gazing upon one of these in your own home, too. Put it in a high-traffic area to let guests enjoy it as well.

Rugs from Ireland

As beautiful as the mist rising off the Cliffs of Moher or the mysterious Stonehenge, Irish Celtic rugs are positively magical. In fact, Stonehenge has become a symbol of Celtic mythology. Rugs from Ireland are often woven with Celtic symbols like the Triquetra. Many have noted the circular nature of Celtic knots, crosses, loops, and spirals represent the circular nature of life itself. Hopefully, this rug will bring a smile to your face and many fond memories of your visit to the Emerald Isle. Brew a pot of tea as you let the spiritual nature of your new rug take hold.

Of course, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to rugs from every country but perhaps it’s inspired you to take that trip you’ve been putting off for months if not years. Pick a country or two from your bucket list and make sure to pick up a rug while there, as these will further the wonderful memories you surely already created. If the trip has to wait, we can still help you find a gorgeous rug that will be a conversation piece. Contact us or visit us today to pick out your favorite.