The luxurious beauty of rugs could never escape the attention of rich celebrities who want nothing but the best for their homes. Most antique, hand-woven and internationally crafted rugs fetch for exuberant prices, but celebrities have no problem purchasing these exquisite tapestries.

Of course, you can always be resourceful by looking through celebrity rugs and trying to find something similar in your local rug store. In the end, the rug that you choose — regardless of the price — should reflect your identity and make you feel comfortable in your home.

Still, it doesn’t hurt to drool over these rugs used by famous celebrities in their homes:

Jennifer Aniston

jennifer-aniston Rugs San Diego

Cowhide rug [ Image source ]

Bill and Giuliana Rancic

bill-giuliana-rancic Rugs San Diego

Cliff Stripe area rug from Safavieh [ Image source ]

Christian Louboutin

christian-louboutin Rugs San Diego

Moroccan rug [ Image source ]

Mario Testino

mario-testino-rugs Rugs San Diego

Various Moroccan rugs [ Image source ]

Generic-Article-Banner Rugs San Diego

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