A few months ago, we featured some do’s and don’ts in using area rugs to style your home. I know you cannot have enough of home styling tips, so here are seven more tips to use your rugs in bringing life to your house.

  • Use two rugs of different sizes and harmonious combination. Putting two equally-sized rugs side by side can divide your room in half. Use a large main rug and a smaller accent rug. Also, don’t make the two rugs clash each other in terms of style or pattern.
  • If you have a favorite rug, use it as the basis for the room’s color scheme.
  • For small homes or studio units, use rugs to separate areas such as the living room and the dining area.
  • Instead of putting your rug on the floor, why not hang it on the wall? Here are other areas to place the rug other than the floor.
  • Put a rug that feels like the opposite of the rest of the items inside the room. If the walls look busy with its patterns, choose a rug that is either plain or more subdued. If the room has a quiet color, add life using a patterned rug.
  • Don’t default to a rectangular rug. There are other rug shapes that may be better fit in your room.
  • Put a liner under your rug to keep it from slipping off the floor surface.

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