Some people think rugs are boring and outdated. Once you look at these seven featured rugs, you might think again! Just like choosing your own wardrobe, buying a rug requires not only your sophisticated taste, but also a dash of fun and creativity at the side.

Remember that rugs can catch the attention of people who visit your house. After all, rugs could occupy a significant portion of your floor space. The human eye will naturally look at things that are interesting and appealing, and so you can capitalize on this fact using vibrant and quirky rugs.

While a lot of rugs are glamorous and elegant, there are also rug styles that channel your inner artist, rock and roll superstar, and Renaissance painter all in one. Here are seven outrageous rugs (well, that’s what we call our company!) that fuel your imagination and spark your artistic passions:

Fried Egg Rug [source]

fried-egg-rugs Rugs San Diego

Band Aid Rug [source]

band-aid-rug Rugs San Diego

Pacman Rug [source]

pacman-rug Rugs San Diego

Melted Lighting Carpet [source]

melted-lighting-carpet Rugs San Diego

Crazy Chromatic Carpet [source]

crazy-chromatic-carpet Rugs San Diego

Moss Rug [source]

moss-rug Rugs San Diego

Bean Rug [source]

bean-rug Rugs San Diego

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