Traditional rugs with Persian and Oriental roots may continue to dazzle lovers of home interior design, but a new breed of rugs may bring something new to the plate.

Although the classic beauty of traditional and ancient rugs never goes out of style, area rug makers have shifted to other options in bringing rugs and carpets to the modern generation. According to Indianapolis rug importer Mike Joseph, this year’s trends in terms of rugs fall into any of three categories: texture, color, and transition.


This is one of the elements that current rug makers are playing with, and this has led to the rise of unique rug textures. “The textures people are looking for are distressed… meaning the worn-jeans look (like new faded jeans with holes) and zero pile,” Joseph said in a news article.


Apart from the worn-out appearance, the right color can also add to the drama and beauty of a rug. Some of the most popular rug colors this year include brown, gray, soft blue, and other monochromatic colors.


The younger generation prefers rugs that are borderless, and this can be achieved by allowing the pattern to flow to the edge of the rug. In short, most modern rug makers are already doing away with a framed look that puts a clean strip around the central pattern.

In addition, glittery and glimmering elements are now being woven into modern rugs to give them extra oomph. The shimmer is achieved by weaving viscose — a shiny semi-synthetic fabric — together with traditional wool.

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