If you live in a house with dark wood floors, there are two things that will probably sink in your mind. First, the elegance and sophistication of wooden floors will instantly elevate the value of your house. The second — and probably the most common — is “How the heck will I decorate a room with a gloomy floor?”

While dark wood floors are elegant, they can also suck the life out of the room if not properly decorated. It may even give the room a heavy and somber mood, which you don’t want your house guests to feel.

If you are having a hard time styling dark wood floors, here are five tips to pop the life out of your exquisite floors:

Infuse light colors in walls and big furniture

Pair your dark wood flooring with furniture a few shades lighter than the surface. Also, paint your walls white or light-colored but don’t use colors that are too vibrant such as yellow or pink.

Choose chairs with a similar color as the floor

Another alternative is to let everything else have a light color except the legs of your chairs. If your floor has a similar color as your chair legs, it will bring unity between the floor and the seats.

Put potted plants inside the room

Plants instantly evoke freshness and nature along with the wooden floors, so one good option is to place some greenery in a few corners of the room.

Use a colored rug to inject excitement

If you’re unsure about what color to paint your walls or what color your furniture should be, the easiest and cheapest way to bring color to the room is a big rug at the center. Choose classic or antique rugs in the red-brown color palette.

Place patterned area rugs with the same color as the floor

If you don’t want to pull everyone’s attention onto the rug, you may choose a rug that’s in the same color as your dark wood floor, but with a pleasing pattern.

Be adventurous!

It’s your home, anyway, so you can always experiment on your styles. Some styling experts even recommend contrasting textures, such as a shag or Moroccan rug on top of your hardwood floors, while others choose to cover up the dark colored floor as much as possible by putting area rugs and huge furniture.

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  1. Having wood floors really make a home look classy. These eye-catching styles are helpful to homeowners who want to put decoration but has limited idea on what style they are going to do.

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