It’s not common practice to spill paint onto a rug, but that’s exactly what the latest exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute is displaying.

Darren Waterston, an American painter and artist, recently released his artwork through an installation entitled “Filthy Lucre” at the Sackler Gallery in the Smithsonian. His exhibit is unlike anything that the gallery has displayed in recent memory. Instead of exquisite ancient pieces that evoke royalty, Waterston is changing the game by redefining art as the general public knows it.

“This is definitely a departure from our usual modus operandi,” said Jenifer Bosworth, who works as conservator in the gallery’s exhibitions. “It’s a bit like walking into a dream or a bit of a nightmare… Like coming home and finding your house broken into. A bit of a shock,” she added in a news item.

Waterston’s exhibit features broken pots, damaged furniture pieces, and splashes of gold paint all around the room, including the rug at the Sackler Gallery. “It’s still making me nervous,” Waterston expressed about being given permission to “destroy” the regal aura of the room.

“Filthy Lucre” is part of a larger exhibit called “Peacock Room: REMIX,” set to open on May 16.

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