You may find yourself excited to redecorate your kitchen. Unfortunately, you remember why you have been putting off the redecoration schedule for some time now: you’re discouraged because of your small space.

Well, don’t you worry, because even the smallest of places can become a stylish and magnificent area. All you need is a dash of imagination and creativity, and perhaps a few tips to pick up.

Here are some nifty ways to decorate a small kitchen:

Use the power of white

The color white instantly makes a room look bigger than it actually is. If you can shell out extra for white paint and furniture, go ahead and buy.

Once you’ve turned your kitchen into a blank white canvas, choose a single color as an accent, and use it on a few furniture pieces in the area. If you chose the color blue, for instance, you may decorate youe kitchen with blue seat covers, blue table cloths, and a blue rug under the dining table.

Put reflective surfaces all around the room

Mirrors on the walls usually do the trick, because having reflective surfaces gives you a seemingly wider space but is merely an optical illusion in reality. You may use mirrored glass on your kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

Play with decors

Think you’re stuck with kitchen items to use as decorations? You can go out of the box and put items that you would otherwise find in other sections of the house. For example, why not install an overhead shelf and stack a number of cookbooks in it?

Be creative in storage solutions

Sometimes, we’re limited to cabinets and cupboards to store unused kitchen tools. If you have quite a number of cookware and kitchen utensils that you seldom use, store them in another place near the kitchen (for example, under the stairs).

Don’t forget to use overhead areas of your kitchen, because you may still have space to install new cabinets hanging above the sink. A simpler option would be to hang your pots and pans high up on a blank wall.

Use small kitchen appliances and furniture

If your kitchen is cramped, you should save some space by replacing bulky appliances and huge furniture with leaner and smaller alternatives. Aside from the refrigerator, dishwasher, and a stovetop oven, you should pretty much do away with any other appliance — unless you have some extra space in the house to store them while not in use.

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