The luxurious feel of Oriental rugs cannot be disregarded. These rugs from the Orient — which could be any Asian country famous for textiles and fibers — are mostly made by hand, thereby making each rug unique and one of a kind.

Just by looking at an Oriental rug, your mind and senses will be transported to another world or culture. In other words, adorning your place with this kind of rug will elevate your interiors to a different level of elegance. Earthy, otherworldly and just plain beautiful, Oriental rugs will definitely spruce up any room that you put them in.

If you are interested to purchase an Oriental rug but afraid that it will destroy the theme of your home instead of improving it, here are some tips and suggestions on how to use your handmade rugs to beautify your place. All of the pictures were originally posted in Houzz.

Traditional Hall [source]

traditional-hall Rugs San Diego

Bedroom [source]

bedroom Rugs San Diego

Bathroom [source]

bathroom Rugs San Diego

Family Room [source]

family-room Rugs San Diego

Kitchen [source]

kitchen Rugs San Diego

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