Hype over the upcoming erotic drama “Fifty Shades of Grey” is already reaching fever pitch, as fans of the novel and people who are curious about the film’s sexy scenes are drooling in anticipation over its Valentine’s Day opening.

Aside from the story and the controversial scenes, one of the highlights of the movie is the stunning home of Christian Grey. His glorious abode is a penthouse at Seattle’s famed Escala, a modern high-rise condominium that offers a stunning view of the Seattle skyline. The Grey penthouse, as seen in the film trailers, is a bachelor’s dream home, with its exhilarating view through glass windows, elegant furnishings, and a wide interior to do just anything you want.

You may not have the same wide space as the Escala penthouse, but you may learn some things to style your home. Here are three tips that you can tear off the pages of the Escala penthouse:

Let natural light come in

escala-bedroom Rugs San Diego

The penthouse offers a seemingly unlimited view of the skyline, as well as entry of natural light. If you’re planning to change your windows, make it so that sunlight can freely enter your home. It doesn’t hurt to have top-to-bottom glass windows, but don’t sacrifice the security of your home.

Use white as base color, and bold tones for accessories

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The sexiness of the penthouse comes through colors. Notice that the walls and floors are stark white, while the seating furniture are in striking colors such as red and black. You can also use the contrasting colors on rugs and carpets.

Experiment on furniture

escala-living-room Rugs San Diego

Make things more exciting inside your house by decorating it with unique pieces that are conversation starters. Some ideas that come to mind include oddly-shaped coffee tables, seats with interesting shapes, and animal-printed throws.

[ Images from Escala ]

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