If you’re excited for the holidays, then you should be preparing your house for the occasion. During this season, expect a lot of people to visit your home. Give them a memorable experience by welcoming them in your holiday-inspired home.

Here are a few impressive holiday decorating and home design tips to get you started:

Use the color white

Red may be Santa’s favorite color, but white is a more elegant but equally holiday-inspired color choice. You may roll out your white area rug, hang white curtains, and even change your seating furniture to the same color. You may even opt to use white decors for your Christmas tree. Besides, white makes your room calm and relaxing.

Add shiny elements

Use silver and gold accessories to amp up the elegance in your holiday home. These shiny colors go well with just about any kind of color, but they come off best with red or white background.

Put hints of greenery everywhere

The Christmas tree is a great reminder of the holidays, but you can use the same theme anywhere in the house by using greenery. Feel free to put Christmas tree segments on the chandelier, windows, tables, or the backs of dinner seating.

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