Just like shopping for clothes, buying a rug for your home is serious business. While looking for your home rugs could be fun for many, it involves a great deal of effort to get the perfect texture for your house.

We are happy to have interviewed an interior designer to talk about how to use rugs in beautifying your house. Here is the video of our interview:

Check out the transcript of the video interview:

Phoebe Chongchua:

I’m Phoebe Chongchua. You’re watching Live Fit Magazine. Are you looking for a way to spruce up your home but wondering where do you begin? We have the answer for you. Joining me now is Sandra Wagenaar, an interior designer.

Sandra Wagenaar:

I like to start with color. Picking an area rug is sometimes a little harder to stay within your budget and the colors that you want. If you start with that, then you can pull colors out of that for walls and furniture and accent pieces.


How do you select one? The size, the shape, the style?


Sometimes that can be a challenge. It needs to be the right size for the room and the furniture that’s in there. In this particular space, we needed a triangle and we couldn’t find a triangle off the shelf, so to speak. I went to Outrageous Rugs and had them custom make us a rug that was going to work in this space beautifully. They make it a simple process because they’re so willing to help you and so willing to pull out any rug you want and show you and even deliver it to your home if you’re a serious shopper and let you try it and see how it looks in your space.


Sandra, when you go shopping for rugs, it’s important to bring along the pillows, right? Why?


Absolutely, Phoebe. You could bring color chips as well because it’s very important that everything coordinates and looks good together. If you have a beige in the rug that doesn’t match the beige in the pillows, it will not harmonize and make a nice room. Custom rug is made of seagrass with a leather edge. We were able to choose exactly the size and shape we wanted. It looks like a square, but it’s not a square. We’re about ten inches from the wall all the way around.


The most important thing to remember in home décor?


If your budget is small and you can’t afford to do a lot to change your space, paint the walls – paint is cheap – and buy a new area rug that will spruce up the space.


And it gives it a brand new look. Here’s a quick recap. When choosing your area rug, start with color. Bring pillows and color chips. Try custom to get the right size and fit. Paint walls and add a new area rug for a quick, affordable home makeover. I’m Phoebe Chongchua for Live Fit Magazine.

[ Photo credit: mattwalker69 via Flickr ]

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