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How To Use Rugs Without Triggering Your Allergies

While rugs can provide a very comfortable, sink-in-your-toes feeling, it may not surprise people to know that rugs can actually pose some health concerns that we may realize. Allergens and toxins such as pet dander and dust mites may hide in the crevices of the rug, which can prompt asthma and allergy reactions in residents and visitors. Here are some of the most common allergens involving rugs: Mold and Fungus…

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Five Tips To Reduce Allergens In Your Home

Rugs and carpets are beautiful accessories to any home, but they are also known to be dust and allergen magnets. If not cleaned properly, you may be risking your family to asthma attacks and other serious health issues. If you want to minimize the risk of allergies inside your house, here are five basic tips to make sure that your house is allergen-free: 1. Don't use rugs that attract dust…

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Three Disgusting Organisms That May Be Living In Your Rug

Antique carpets bring class and royalty to a room, but it can also bring in harm and sickness if not properly maintained. Most old rugs and carpets -- especially those that have not been cleaned for a while -- may be breeding things that you don't want to live with. Here are three of the most disgusting organisms that may already be taking up residence in your rug: Dust mite…

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