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How To Maximize The Beauty of Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs have already existed for a very long time, specifically since the middle ages. Antique and old? Definitely, but it is still one of the trendiest and most in-demand rugs today. When going through bazaars and flea markets abroad especially in the Western parts of the world, you will see dealers selling a variety of kilim rugs. These trendy rugs come in different colors, sizes, and designs. If you…

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Century-Old Rug Recalls U.S. Help During Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Massacre of 1915 was one of the most gruesome events in world history, with its death toll approaching 1.5 million. As the world remembers the start of the tragic event exactly 100 years ago on April 24, a news report from BBC revealed how an ancient rug found in a San Diego house has its roots tied to the Armenian Genocide. Elibet Kunzler resides in a home where…

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Ancient Rug Styling Inspirations For Your Living Room

Living in a modern society does not make ancient rugs a thing of the past. In fact, seeing Persian or Oriental rugs splayed on a receiving area can immediately elevate the class and sophistication of the place. The elegance of ancient rugs cannot be discounted. If you want a touch of royalty inside your own living room, then you will have to consider buying an ancient rug. We have featured…

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