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Four Worst Things That Damage Rugs

If you think buying a rug eases all of your problems, think again! Especially if you've just bought an expensive and antique rug, taking care of your new tapestry will ensure the durability of the rug. Unfortunately, we really cannot control everything in our surroundings, and accidents are bound to happen. Rugs can only take so much battering and bruising, and so you have to try and avoid the following…

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Tips On Cleaning Rugs Without Damaging Them

Have you every experienced cleaning an ultra-luxurious item, only to have it destroyed during the cleaning process? One of the most frustrating tasks in maintaining rugs is cleaning them, because some rugs are very delicate. One wrong move in cleaning them, and it will alter the very fabric of its elegance and style. I have been asked many times how rugs should be cleaned. To be honest, I cannot give…

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