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Three Common Errors In Decorating Your Living Room

There's so much that you can do in terms of decorating your home, but you can also fall into the trap of overdoing (or underdoing) it. Home styling is an exciting endeavor for any homeowner, although sometimes you may unknowingly use inappropriate or weird-looking styles for your house. Check out these three common mistakes in decorating your living room. Heads up, because you may be doing some of them in…

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Prepare Your House This Fall With These Rug Tips

How has summer treated you? I hope you’ve enjoyed the hot season by going to the beach and taking time to travel. If you haven’t done so, well, there’s another summer next year! As we wind down to the final stretch of the summer season, let us start preparing for fall. These next few months will give us a chance to enjoy the beauty of nature’s colors even from outside…

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Decorating For The Holidays: Don’t Fret, Follow These Tips

Creating the perfect space to entertain during the holidays can cause people to feel a bit overwhelmed. You know extended family is coming and you’re tight for space. Don’t fret, follow these tips to create the perfect gathering space. You’ll even learn how to shop in your own home! Watch the video and read on for simple holiday decorating tips. Interior Designer, Robin Eisman, reveals four key decorating tips that…

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