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Awesome Home Design Tips for Summer

Summer spells fun! As the hottest of the four seasons, summer makes for the perfect time to relax under the sun. When I think about this particular time of the year, I am often reminded of picnic basket and blankets, walks in the park, getaway vacations, water sports, swimming and parties. Of course, having fun doesn’t necessarily mean leaving the house unkempt and poorly maintained. In fact, a new season…

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Five Home Decorating Ideas For Summer

Summer is about to shine on us! Naturally, this new season should be a good time to reinvent your home style for the coming of the sunny weather. I'm sure you enjoyed decorating your home through spring, but summer should get you more pumped up to invite something new to your home, don't you think? Here are five hot ideas to style up your home during the summer months: Open…

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